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Flexible, accurate, efficient and cost-effective turnaround performance assessment.

The TITAN titan-logo(“Turnaround Integration in Trajectory And Network”) project was an a 7th Framework Programme (FP) research project co-funded by the European Commission (EC) and project partners. The project directly addressed airport operations focusing on the aircraft turnaround process with a view to identifying improvement opportunities as well as the potential influence of the previously mentioned external processes.

TITAN extends the standard trajectory model (e.g. the trajectory modelled by RAMS Plus) and analyses the aircraft turnaround process as integral part of the ground segment of the aircraft Business Trajectory (BT). BT planning activities are structured by the TITAN information model and then made to end-user applications making use of the TITAN information.

The simulation is a discrete event engine: events within the simulation are scheduled to occur at particular time in the future and each event is tied to a number of downstream events to be executed once that time arrives.

The TITAN Tool was developed in collaboration with several European partners and a closed source, compiled version of the tool is available for free download directly from the project website. ISA hold license of the tool’s source code. Please contact us if you are interested in training or integrating TITAN into other products.