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Version 6.20: Released October 2017!

Please contact RAMS support for more details.

RAMS Plus is an air traffic management (ATM) fast-time simulation model. The RAMS Plus model provides gate-to-gate fast-time discrete-event simulation to quantify performance benefits for ATM management decision support. This comprehensive and easy-to-use air traffic management software package contains functionality for study and analysis of airspace structures, air traffic control systems, future ATC concepts, and airport ground operations.

RAMS Plus is used worldwide to measure a wide variety of ATM questions, quantifying existing and proposed systems in almost unlimited performance metrics such as workload, capacity, complexity, delay.

RAMS Plus simulates full 4D movement of each aircraft through time, and each airplane’s dynamic interaction with other aircraft, airspace structures, airspace procedures and rules. The result is a variety of outputs that can be used to create unlimited views of aggregated metrics, measurements, and quantifications to describe the system’s behavior.

The RAMS Plus simulation package is an integrated system composed of

  • Data preparation and display system,
  • Simulation engine,
  • Graphic simulation animation, visualization tools, and report and metrics generation tools.

RAMS Plus Objectives

Fast-time simulation tools provide a cost-effective method to quantify and measure the reliability and effectiveness of a system. The goal of such analysis is to provide support for high-level decisions related to state changes or the introduction of new procedures and technology into the system. To help answer these questions, RAMS Plus models a wide range of both present and future ATM concepts, producing analytical results in a very short time, allowing more time for comparative analysis while reducing the time for data preparation.

Primary RAMS Plus objectives are:

  • Model & Study Wide Range of ATC System & Concepts In Fast-Time
  • Provide Gate-to-Gate Operations
  • Unlimited Number Of Flights & Sectors
  • Intuitive and Quick Data Preparation
  • Geographic Independence (local To global view)
  • Rapid Comparative Analysis
  • Macro-To-Micro View (fully data driven scalability)
  • Provide Meaningful Views (reports) of Simulation Outputs
The RAMS Plus tool is a Windows based software that can be run either as a stand alone tool on a local system, or as one of many networked tools that work collaboratively to provide a fully featured ATM platform.
RAMS Plus 6.20

AMS Plus 6.20 continues to evolve to represent increasingly complex ATM scenarios.

Shortest path optimal paths is expanded to allow simply a navaid grid to represent the shortest path space, which is much more powerful and easier to use than the existing shortest paths that require an intensive airway route network. Within the navaid grid, a range of parameters can be defined to refine how and when the application of the shortest path is applied.

The RuleTree is a new approach to controller rules and rule definitions. RuleTrees also contain standard operating procedures (SOP) to define behavior for flights that does not require a conflict situation. The benefits of the RuleTree over the existing rulebase is an intuitive editor and construct to create the rules, the use of groups in the rules, the use of AND conditions in the rules, etc. The SOP are a powerful feature to define arrival and departure terminal
area behavior without the heavy reliance on RAMS Plus approach and departure routes.

Multiple days of traffic are increasingly represented as iterations within the RAMS Plus model. Simulation outputs as iterations are more flexible and powerful to manipulate rather than simulating multiple days of traffic as separate simulations. Increased functionality for simulation iterations include loading/editing/saving functions for all iterations, and additional iteration input files for flight categories and wind. Simulation iteration editing and functionality is expanded.

Hi-fidelity fuelburn modeling now allows fuelburn rates to be applied by Mach/Weight/Altitude, to complement the existing fuelburn by aircraft model and altitude. These fuelburn enhancements are part of initiatives to expand RAMS Plus fuelburn fidelity, where the next phase is to integrate BADA 4 aircraft performance data.

Oceanic and optimal path modeling is dependent on wind-effects for realistic 4d profiles. To support this, wind data from the NOAA laboratory called NCEP
Reanalysis daily averages can be loaded/applied within RAMS Plus.

New Workload Rule editor to applies the task workload as a rulebase to trigger a rule group, freeing the simulation behavior from the traditional conflict
search and maneuver protocols. This powerful feature is now easily enabled through an editor to easily define a range of ATM modeling such as oceanic step-climb requests based on distance/time flown or by time deltas, dynamically changing metering rates based on time or density, or changing airport arrival & departure rates based on demand or a time schedule.

Visualisation enhancements include the data export KML Google Earth formats for large traffic samples, as well as sector export over the date meridian line.