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Successful Integration

The integration process relies upon a clear and repeatable verification and validation process, where the objective is to ensure that the available components can be successfully combined in the entire system and that the user requirements and modifications (expressed via change requests) are satisfied.

Integration Tests

Software components are successively integrated with its infrastructure (middleware) and with other components by the execution of integration tests so that an assessment can be made on how far the system requirements have been met. Integration test plans are established and include methodologies and a description of the test environment.

Experience in Tool Integration

The experience gained in Eurocontrol/ESCAPE components integration and similar integration projects make ISA Software the ideal partner and facilitate the best decision and decision-making process for your project.

Strong Partnerships

Our strong partnerships, such as with AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea), as a Gate-to-Gate partner, provide additional support and expertise in the understanding of end user and operational requirements.

Proven track record

Through ISA Software, the EEC RAMS tool has become a renowned commercial product, RAMS Plus™. ISA Software has evolved the tool into an open-architecture simulation solution, through the integration of third party products with the simulator for use in advanced fast time simulations. Using this capability, users can enrich or overload RAMS Plus™ functionality with their own external components to introduce alternative or new ATM behaviour. The facility, which was originally developed for the FAA, has been successfully used for a number of future operational concept validation studies.