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Following a 2-year development period, the baseline INNOVE I platform was completed and delivered to EUROCONTROL in Nov 2016.

INNOVE is an interactive real-time gaming platform which emulates many of the key B2B (SWIM) services provided by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager unit and can be used to develop and test turn-key scenarios to support SESAR Network Management Concept validation experiments at E-OCVM V2 maturity level.
The platform supports all of the main SOAP-based client interfaces and uses the ISA CHILL simulation platform to emulate ATM Network functions, Demand Capacity Balancing, Regulations Management, ATFCM Measures, Measure-Collaborative Decision Making (M-CDM) and ATC/Airport Operation (using the RAMS Plus simulator).

Several third-party clients have been integrated with the gaming platform including
• ATHOS (an airport operations centre model from Airbus),
• RAMSPlus (for flight execution, ATC and Airport modelling with full flight progress feedback modelling) and
• JumpStart (EUROCONTROL SWIM demonstrator interface).

For more information regarding INNOVE please consult the EUROCONTROL INNOVE factsheet.