EUROCONTROL awards ISA the Integrated Risk platform (IRiS) development contract

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EUROCONTROL awards ISA the Integrated Risk platform (IRiS) development contract

The EUROCONTROL Safety team has selected ISA to provide development support for the IRiS Integrated Risk Platform.

IRiS is a web-based integrated risk model that has been developed through a collaborative project with the FAA, EUROCONTROL, Saab-Sensis (USA), MCR (USA) and ISA and is known as the Integrated Safety Assessment Model (ISAM) in the US and the Integrated Risk platform (IRiS) in Europe.

The platform allows its users to define a set of safety models that can be used to determine the baseline risk using any type of safety model within a European/US context. A sophisticated set of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods combined with traffic forecast data and Operational Improvement (OI) Influence Models allows platform users to determine how future risk may change with the introduction of new operational concepts such as those being proposed by SESAR or NextGen.

ISAM/IRiS is also planned to support
• Safety life-cycle assessment – from initial concept to technical implementation and in-service analysis
• The use of Safety as a business driver – looking to determine suitable targets and performance objectives that can be monitored and displayed (e.g. using a suitably designed dashboard) to help demonstrate how safety related concepts can contribute to system or service efficiency, and,
• Innovative risk analysis and forecasting – to identify new technologies and methodologies that can help improve the assessment and management of future risk and precursors that help mitigate safety incidents before they occur.