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CHILL is a versatile collaborative ATM validation platform where both users and service providers can work together to efficiently manage the traffic demand and capacity, exchange accurate ATM data and share information in support of a collaborative ATFM planning process.

Advanced management of the ATM network being evaluated allows widespread dissemination of relevant and timely information to all partners.

CHILL provides participating agents or actors with an up to date and timely overview of the entire ATM network, with all its implications and constraints, offering a unique capability to initiate collaborative decision-making processes and to identify optimal solutions for any given set of circumstances.

The “service-oriented” approach used offers different functions that can be tailored to specific validation needs and objectives.

The “publish and subscribe” paradigm provides a powerful information handling network for sharing data, reaching agreement on “demand/capacity balancing” to facilitate the negotiation process for revised 4D trajectories.

CHILL provides the capability of filing “multiple 4D Trajectories” for any individual flight, ordered by preference.

When used in conjunction with the Lockheed Martin TSS /General Electric Research MONACO tool, CHILL allows the optimization of the entire ATM network capacity while meeting the Airspace Users business objectives.

The convergence and compliance with on-going initiatives world-wide (including NextGen in the USA, and SESAR in Europe) have been the objective from the onset.

Compliant with on-going initiatives:

Fundamental to the platform is a set of commonly agreed upon key features including:

  • System Wide Information Management (SWIM)
  • Net-centric Enabled Operations (NEO)
  • Collaborative planning and balancing of traffic demand and capacity
  • User-oriented problem solving
  • 4D Trajectory management

CHILL Key Features

CHILL provides a set of unique features that have been specifically designed to support the validation of ATM concepts for the next generation of ATM system:

  • Assists in the validating of future Concept Of Operations (ConOps)
  • Comes bundled with a highly interactive graphical user interface to assist in planning and managing the ATM network
  • Works in two modes: Traffic Flow Management or Airspace Users mode
  • Instantiations can behave like CFMU or US Command Center, TMU/FMP or as an Airspace User
  • Does not limit the number of instantiations that can be connected at any time
  • Allows all the instantiations to work collaboratively both in planning and balancing of traffic demand
  • Offers common situational awareness through exchange and sharing of information
  • Applies a powerful algorithm to balance demand and capacity
  • Offers the possibility of filing multiple 4D trajectories for an individual flight.
  • In case of unplanned disruptions, CHILL optimizes the overall ATM network by choosing the best trajectories that alleviate congestion.
  • In case of capacity shortfall, CHILL offers to the Airspace Users the means to achieve their business objectives through rerouting or swapping of flights affected by delays
  • Allows user participation in decision-making for both planning and strategic problem resolution based on the latest and most accurate trajectory data.
  • Supports the negotiation of revised trajectories in order to allow users to arrange their resources to help solve demand/capacity imbalances.
  • Provides a common reference for collaborative decision making by allowing access to traffic demand, airspace and airport capacity and constraints
  • Provides tools to assist in planning, monitoring an d assessing the ATM resources, initiating the User Driven Prioritization Process (UDPP) and balancing demand and capacity.

CHILL has been developed under the sponsorship of the FAA since 2000. For further information, please contact ISA Software.