9 11, 2017

70th annual International Air Safety Summit (IASS)


The IASS organized by the Flight Safety foundation was held in Dublin from the 23 to the 25 October 2017. The summit brought together safety experts from around the world to exchange information and propose new directions for safety and risk management in the aviation sector. As part of the conference, Ian Crook, ISA Europe’s [...]

21 08, 2017

FAA-Benefits assessment for reduced Oceanic separation


In Feb 2017, ISA and Embry Riddle completed the analysis of the potential benefits to airlines of the implementation of the FAA’s reduced separation requirements for airplanes flying in U.S. controlled oceanic airspace using spaced-based ADS-B, to be provided through Aireon in conjunction with increased FANS equipage. Based on research performed in July 2016 by [...]

16 05, 2017

SESAR E-NEWS: Air traffic management in 2050


How will the air traffic management (ATM) operational concept and system architecture evolve between now and 2050? What changes are required to be implemented in SESAR to ensure a smooth transition? These are the questions FLITE (Future Long-term ATM concept, Infrastructure, Technologies and operational Environment), a recently completed exploratory research project, sought to answer. Over [...]

4 12, 2016

EUROCONTROL awards ISA the Integrated Risk platform (IRiS) development contract


The EUROCONTROL Safety team has selected ISA to provide development support for the IRiS Integrated Risk Platform. IRiS is a web-based integrated risk model that has been developed through a collaborative project with the FAA, EUROCONTROL, Saab-Sensis (USA), MCR (USA) and ISA and is known as the Integrated Safety Assessment Model (ISAM) in the US [...]

10 11, 2016



Following a 2-year development period, the baseline INNOVE I platform was completed and delivered to EUROCONTROL in Nov 2016. INNOVE is an interactive real-time gaming platform which emulates many of the key B2B (SWIM) services provided by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager unit and can be used to develop and test turn-key scenarios to support SESAR [...]

1 11, 2016

Business Case Analysis Support for Aireon’s Space-Based ADS-B Initiatives


Aireon has selected ISA to support their business cases for space-based ADS-B initiatives. By 2018, Aireon will provide the first truly global air traffic surveillance system using a space-based ADS-B network that makes it possible to extend visibility across the entire planet. Aireon will enable real-time transmission of ADS-B reports from equipped aircraft to Air [...]

27 10, 2016

ISA celebrates 20 years of Innovation


In October 2016, ISA celebrated 20 years of innovation in the aviation and simulation domain. Since its formation in 1996, ISA has employed more than 15 different nationalities and continues to support clients and partners on 5 continents with our state-of-the-art aviation solutions. All of the ISA team are proud of our achievements and the [...]

12 09, 2016

FLITE – SESAR WP-E Close out Meeting


ISA and Imperial College London (ICL) have successfully completed the SESAR WP-E - FUTURE LONG-TERM ATM CONCEPT, INFRASTRUCTURE, TECHNOLOGIES AND OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT (FLITE) project, and presented the final results of the analysis to SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) and EUROCONTROL. Participants at the close out meeting confirmed that ISA and ICL lived up to the promise [...]

12 07, 2016

SESAR WP-E Dataset 2050


Members of the ISA research team, who have been working on the SESAR WP-E FLITE project, attended the EU Door-to-Door mobility workshop at the University of Westminster. The workshop, which is part of the SESAR WP-E Dataset 2050 project, presented the challenges faced in regard to meeting the Flightpath 2050 mobility goal that “90% of [...]

8 07, 2016

RAMS Plus 6.09 New Release – July 2016


Today we release the latest version of RAMS Plus 6.09.00 which is now available for download. A full description of the latest features and improvements can be found here. RAMS Plus is an air traffic management (ATM) fast-time simulation model. The RAMS Plus model provides gate-to-gate fast-time discrete-event simulation to quantify performance benefits for ATM management decision [...]