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Aviation is Not Getting More Dangerous

It is impossible to have seen the news over the last few days and not questioned the safety of aviation. Unfortunately, serious plane crashes are shocking events that often result in a high numbers of fatalities. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected around the world. As a company whose core focus is [...]

Thailand Department of Civil Aviation Adopt RAMS Plus 6.0

The Department of Civil Aviation of Thailand (via IDS Tech Canada) have acquired a new license for RAMS Plus 6.0. RAMS Plus, ISA Software's fast time gate-to-gate ATM simulator, will simulate months of historical or new ATM data in seconds. It acts as the virtual ATM environment behind some of the world's most important aviation research and development platforms. Following [...]

How our love of cheap airfares may be hurting the aviation industry

Aviation Week publish an enlightening piece by Dr. Ashley Nunes on why cheap airfares might not be as good for aviation as they seem. The uproar following United’s June 10 announcement that it would change its frequent flier program is a reminder of our growing dependence on aviation to connect communities, people, and businesses. In the [...]

“Keeping Time”

ISA research published in Air Traffic Management International, examines the Fatigue Management Guidelines currently under development by the International Civil Aviation Administration for application to ANSPs worlwide. Dr. Ashley Nunes discusses in detail limitations of the proposed guidelines and ways in which it can be strengthened. Read the article: Air Traffic Management.net

“The Price of Reducing Pilot Fatigue”

Dr. Ashley Nunes of ISA Software presents a piece in the December 2013 issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology, which discusses the scientific and political challanges associated with tackling pilot fatigue. Read the article: Aviation Week

ISA selected for Colombia Airspace Capacity and Reorganisation Studies

Bogota, 17th Dec 2013 – ISA and its Colombian technology partner USERTECNO signed a 2-year contract to support ATC and ATFCM Capacity Analysis and Airspace / Route Network re-design for the Colombian National Airspace System. Aeronautica Civil selected ISA and the RAMS Plus solution against tough competition to carry out analysis of their current and future ATM system and [...]

ISA research highlights long term workforce risk

In an article in the CANSO Airspace magazine Q3 2013 issue - research by Dr Ashley Nunes carried out in the Middle East highlights importance of manpower resources to aviation growth in emerging markets, the risks of an aging workforce and need to recruit young local talent in these growing regions. Moreover, research into the impact of [...]

ISA Awarded SESAR WP-E long-term research project

Bretigny, Aug 2013 – ISA, in partnership with Imperial College London have been awarded a 30-month SESAR WP-E collaborative research project to research the air transport system well beyond the end of the current SESAR timeframe. The Future Long-term ATM concept, Infrastructure, Technologies and operational Environment (FLITE) research will look at the ATM system in the 2050-2070 timeframe and [...]

10th RAMS Plus Exchange

ISA Software is pleased to announce the successful 10th RAMS Plus Exchange meeting was hosted byBULATSA in Sofia on the 4th & 5th of June 2013. Please contact RAMS support for more details.

SITAR delivered to FAA

The Safety Investigation Toolkit for Analysis and Reporting (SITAR) software being used in support of Terminal Area analysis for the FAA System Safety Management Transformation activity was delivered to FAA at the end of 2012. Developed during 2012, SITAR is a comprehensive simulation model used for the evaluation and diagnosis of the level of safety [...]